How to remove film grain effect in Monster Hunter Generations / MHgen?


Is there a way to remove the film grain effect in monster hunter generations ?
its like an overlay present throughout the game, very noticable on the intro movie and loading sceens, also noticable ingame …more so in some environments than others.

using latest citra build.

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Can you provide screenshots? What’s your system specs?

Important System specs:
CPU: 3930k @4.6ghz
GPU: EVGA 780 Classifed OC’d
Storage: 1TB SSD


So the loading screen has a very obvious “grain” to it, see posts below for 2 other examples.

generaly speaking its much more clear to see it when ur playing the game and moving around, or when viewing the intro movie or watchign a loading screen, the “grain” stays static" whilst the main image moves behind it.

next to the palico names in the sky its most obvious

intro movie has it all over.

@Bojack the scene is probably pre-rendered for the 3DS’s screen resolution, we can’t really do anything about that

A possiblity if it were present when the FMV was created, however as i mentioned, the scenes ingame move while the ‘pattern’ / ‘grain’ stays static, like an overlay.

I dont see how it could be part of a pre rendered texture ingame when it looks to be 1 single overlay. Especialy when areas that it does show, the image it is on moves behind it. if it was part of the image/texture it would move with it.

Anyway from you response it would seem there is no current way of removing it. Would be nice if it was looked into though as a possile fix in the future.

ah, I didn’t see that it was present in gameplay

That effect is common all over Capcom games. It also happens on the 3DS, but obviously you don’t see it, because the screen size is small.

This dithering can now be disabled with a cheat code. Credits to mikewii7 on GBAtemp.

[Render Settings]
60DB7E44 00000000
B0DB7E44 00000000
00006B20 088F436A
D2000000 00000000

Also set Stereoscopic 3D to 0% in Citra.