How to remove outlines from Pokemon Oras and XY?

I know how to do this for sun and moon and this gives quite the speed boost for citra and the game looks a lot nicer does anyone know how to do the same for Pokemon Oras and XY???I have already googled it but no luck.

There is no way to do that right now. There may be a appearance of the hex codes you need to replace, but not at this time.

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the outline removal was made to resolve an old bug in citra where the outline would leave a black line trail behind, this bug is fixed now

this bug only appeared in sun and moon at the time so the hex edit is only available for these two games only since ORAS and XY don’t need them, also X and Y don’t work in citra anyway.

No its not that its that the game looks really bad at higher resolutions.

For Omega Ruby just add the code for your rom version:

[No outlines (v.1.0)]
00379EB4 00000000
00379EB8 00000000

[No outlines (v.1.4)]
0037A140 00000000
0037A144 00000000


Giorno your code really works unlike i saw some compiled no outline for alpha sapphire they don’t work. thanks
do you have any other code for alpha sapphire?