How to soft reset citra emulator?


I want a shiny starter pokemon in my game.But the only process to get a shiny is soft reset.So whenever I press R+L+select (3ds method) game always crashed.So is there other way to soft reset the game?


Emulation - Stop and relaunch the game.

Save reset problem pokemon ultra moon

can I get shiny starter by this method?


Yes. You should be able to.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I literally made an account just so I could ask you this question. If i go into File > Recent files and use that to soft reset, does that somehow affect my ability to get a shiny starter? I’ve been using that method for days now, and if it turns out i cant get a shiny Mudkip because of that i’m actually going to cry.


You could make the process easier by going into File - Select Game Directory and selecting the folder which has all of your games in.


I know I am a little late to the party here, of course there is no hard/soft reset option in citra for games yet… But whilst streaming on twitch last night I came up with a workaround for that using a program called AutoHotKeys.

Process, Close, citra-qt.exe ; close CITRA
run D:\Emus\3DS\Nightly\nightly-mingw\Pk_UMNOLINE.3ds

That is the script I used which, when you press 7 on the numberpad, closes citra and reopens the game of my choice (In this case my personally dumped and outline removed version of Pokemon Ultra Moon). Works wonders for hard/soft resetting Pokemon games. :slight_smile:


can you show tutorial guide to do this ?


if I just click file -> recent file -> (any pokemon games), will it count as hard/soft reset?


if not, then I will cry because that’s what I’m doing for about 2 days


Yes, that will soft reset.


can I use soft reset Trick To Get ralts?


Hey thank you so much! I used the basis of your code to do my own version for pokemon solar light and lunar dark, and it makes shiny hunting static encounters so much easier. Thank you!