How to soft reset citra emulator?

I want a shiny starter pokemon in my game.But the only process to get a shiny is soft reset.So whenever I press R+L+select (3ds method) game always crashed.So is there other way to soft reset the game?

Emulation - Stop and relaunch the game.

can I get shiny starter by this method?

Yes. You should be able to.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I literally made an account just so I could ask you this question. If i go into File > Recent files and use that to soft reset, does that somehow affect my ability to get a shiny starter? I’ve been using that method for days now, and if it turns out i cant get a shiny Mudkip because of that i’m actually going to cry.

You could make the process easier by going into File - Select Game Directory and selecting the folder which has all of your games in.

I know I am a little late to the party here, of course there is no hard/soft reset option in citra for games yet… But whilst streaming on twitch last night I came up with a workaround for that using a program called AutoHotKeys.

Process, Close, citra-qt.exe ; close CITRA
run D:\Emus\3DS\Nightly\nightly-mingw\Pk_UMNOLINE.3ds

That is the script I used which, when you press 7 on the numberpad, closes citra and reopens the game of my choice (In this case my personally dumped and outline removed version of Pokemon Ultra Moon). Works wonders for hard/soft resetting Pokemon games. :slight_smile:


can you show tutorial guide to do this ?

if I just click file -> recent file -> (any pokemon games), will it count as hard/soft reset?

if not, then I will cry because that’s what I’m doing for about 2 days

Yes, that will soft reset.

can I use soft reset Trick To Get ralts?

Hey thank you so much! I used the basis of your code to do my own version for pokemon solar light and lunar dark, and it makes shiny hunting static encounters so much easier. Thank you!

Look At Your Hotkeys Restart Might Be F6


Will this work for shiny hunting?
I just want to know before i spend too long trying.

It doesn’t care how you reset your console/the emulator for shiny hunting. It’s not like a chain is build up that is increasing your chances.
It’s just that soft resetting was more friendly for the NDS/GBA hardware, that’s where that term comes from. Anything else is a myth.

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its F5 but thank you so much dude

dude try F5 it worked for me

So would emulator restart also work?