How to Soft reset in Pokemon ultra sun?

i was just wondering if stopping the emulation and booting it up again actually counts as a soft reset

Don’t see why users would care if it does count as a soft reset. Pokemon games do have a soft reset feature built-in but it currently does not work in Citra.

i care because i want to do legit shiny hunting, so do you know if stopping the emulation and starting it again count as a soft reset

It’s same thing as closing a game and restarting it. So it’s not really “soft resetting”.

do you reckon it still works though??

Shiny Starter

Save the game just before receiving the starter. Keep loading this save until you have a shiny starter (You can find better guides on how to do this online). God luck tho, coz finding a shiny starter had a chance of 1/8192.

Shiny Wild Pokemon

Walk around in the grass for long enough. No messing required. That’ll take weeks though.

actually the chance is 1/4096 for a shiny pokemon

There is no difference between hard and soft resets on emulators. The reason why people were doing soft resets by using the ingame key combo is just because back at the time of the NDS (or even the GBA) it was slightly faster and more friendly for the system’s hardware (the only other way to reset was a complete shut down of the console).
Just restart your game, the way you are doing it doesn’t matter at all.

It was 1/8192 earlier. Seems like I need to update my brain. Edited my post.


see answer 2

this is outdated as from gen 6 onwards the chance is increased to 1/4096

This thread is getting offtopic. For now, soft resetting can be done by stopping the game through the Emulation tab and launching it back again.

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