How to take photos in Alola Photo Club in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon?

Hey there! Let me get straight to the point. Unlike fixing the black screen at Alola Photo Club, is there any way to go and take photos in Alola Photo Club in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? I am desperate because none is talking about it.

And can the devs say when or if ever they are going to fix the black screen of Photo Club in the canary/nightly/any builds, so that we wouldn’t need to use Hxd Editor?

No one is looking for the problem even, it might be a long time before anyone feels like fixing it

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That means, it’s basically incomplete. Oh, no! I thought of playing it with an Intel Core i5-7600 16GB Ram and now, I can’t completely enjoy it…

Don’t worry, I played Ultra Sun Decrypted up to that point, couldn’t get past because of HeX not working with decrypted files and had to start over on just Sun. Disappointed at the change in PKs such as movesets for litten and the availability of PKs like Buneary, Zoroa and Noibat.