How to to turn off Stereoscopic/3D effects?

Hi!, I’m new to Citra and everything seems to be running perfectly, however I can’t seem to find any information regarding the 3D effect I’m seeing in games. It’s a kinda transparent/double vision outline I’m seeing around certain models in the game, which I believe is what happens when the 3D effect is on.

Any way to turn this off completely? I’m using the latest Bleeding Edge version of Citra.

What games are you talking? Citra doesn’t even support stereoscopic 3D.

I don’t even think that’s how stereoscopic 3D works.

Notice the glowy/doubled effect around the speech bubble and characters in the background?

That’s how the 3DS gameplay looks when the Stereoscopic/3D slider is up.

Pretty sure that’s how it looks on 3DS (I’ve played it a lot) unless you can provide a comparison screenshot to 3DS hardware. The game seems to have some weird effects at night around certain objects. Also Sun and Moon don’t even support 3D. I believe it only works during the PokeFinder sections (photo mode).

I’ve played on 3DS as well, and it goes away when I turn the 3D slider down. I don’t see it in some Citra gameplay videos, so I’m sure it’s possible to turn if off. Would it have anything to do with the 3DS home/user folder used?

Those files affect won’t affect this. Again, Sun and Moon don’t support 3D (you can see it in the box art). I can guarantee you that 3D doesn’t work in the overworld. I’ve tried adjusting the 3D slider and it doesn’t affect it. The effect looks a bit more subtle on 3DS. On Citra, it stands out more probably probably because of a side effect caused by texture forwarding (increasing the internal resolution).

The box art says ‘Playable in 2D, some areas playable in 3D’… The effect appears in many games, and is extremely distracting unless the 3D depth slider is completely turned down. I guess it’s not possible to change this in Citra or something. Thanks anyway.

The “some areas playable in 3D” is referring to the PokeFinder spots.

Source: NintendoEverything

Having same issue, is it really just supposed to be like this? it happens when the game camera is sort of at angles from a top down view it goes away when the camera is looking straight with the character and during battle sceens

Yes. That is how it looks originally. You probably can’t notice the ghosting on the 3DS itself, since the screen is very small. Citra also upscales the ghosting, so it looks even clearer, but if you set the resolution to native, you would notice the ghosting to be on the same level of how the 3DS does it.

aside pokemon, can we turn off monster hunter 4u 3d features ?

Seems not, see this reply: