How To Transfer Save Game Data Created Using Citra Over To My 3DS


So recently, I lost my save game file in Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Paper Jam by accident :-(. I am wondering, could someone please tell me how to transfer save game data that was created using Citra emulator over to my 3DS? What I have is my 3DS microsd card, a microsd card reader and laptop, and a New 3DS XL firmware version 11.8.0-41U. Thanks very much.

Unfortunately, after doing a brief google search(which you also could have done) it sounds like the only way to do this is to install a homebrew save manager on your 3DS, which I cannot help you with.

I was gonna make a proper wiki guide for this, but I never got around it. This assumes that you’ve installed custom firmware on your 3DS, which you should do if you haven’t already because it’s needed to dump your system files. I’ll briefly explain the process of importing a Citra save to a homebrewed 3DS here:

  • From Citra’s game list, right click on a game and click on the Open Save Data Location option to open the save file in Windows Explorer.
  • Copy the save file to your micro SD card.
  • Use Checkpoint (which the guide I linked above already has you installed) to import the save.
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How could I install custom firmware on a New 3DS XL running the newest firmware?


The ‘installing custom firmware’ link in the post above yours has a link to a guide about setting up CFW on your 3ds. For convenience, however,

Would cover all your options, based off the firmware version you’re on.

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Thanks. I have two more questions:

Would this work on a New 3DS XL Running firmware 11.8.0-41U?

Would this allow me to run 3DS roms on my 3DS? I have an R4 Gold flashcart that allows me to run DS roms, but not 3DS roms. Thanks very much.

There are methods that work on that firmware, yes. The guide is designed to provide every method that’s available.

You can’t run 3DS ROMs per se, but you can install game backups in the form of CIAs.

By CIA, do you mean I could run a backed up game from the file? As in If I put all the files for a 3DS game, could I run it? Thanks.

Well not really running the game. You have to install it through FBI first and then run the game from the home menu. But however, if you illegally download some CIAs online(which we don’t support), there’s a high chance that your NNID account will get permanent ban and never play 3DS games online on your n3DS.

I really need help with this. i read the directions and I am still lost how to make this all work. I have a 2ds now verison 11.4

@CodingKoopa in what folder do you need to put it becoaus i just get two files named head.yw and game1.ywi dont know where to put them in the checkpoint folder

If you export a saved game from your 3DS (that is, the opposite direction of what you’re ultimately trying to do) then you’ll see the folder structure that Checkpoint expects.