How To Update Your Game ROM

Recently I have created a small tutorial about updating your game ROM such as updating Pokémon Sun to version 1.1. I’m posting it here, so anyone who searches will find this and hopefully help them.


Great tutorial! I’m sure quite a few users will find this handy :slight_smile:


hey i’m having trouble don’t get me wrong I followed your tutorial exactly but I tried updating triforce heroes and it didn’t work and the game actually ran great for me before I decided I wanted the fierce deity outfit so can you update the tutorial or help me out why it broke my rom.

p.s. if you need a pic of what I’m talking about ill share a screenshot but only if you want to see my problem.

This guide is now outdated, since you can install game updates straight in Citra itself via File - Install CIA.


oh i did not know that i went as far as deleting my sav see if that fis anything whole well ill just port my 3ds save from my 3ds over to citra thank you

but how am i going to get the games updated its nice i can do it that way but i still dont know if the games will be updated to the most recent version

It will be the same version as in your 3DS if you install the update correctly

on a related topic, does this support DLC yet?

No. It does not currently.

What is the correct way? Sorry if this is inappropriate, I’m brand new.

This is the correct way to dump updates and DLCs.