How to Upload the Log File


Step 1

Navigate to Emulation -> Configure and in the Debug tab, click on Open Log Location.


Step 2

Run the game you are having issues with until it reaches the point where it crashes or encounters the bug. Exit out of CItra.

Step 3

In the window that you opened in Step 1, the log will be in citra_log.txt. Upload (drag & drop) this file to your support post as a file attachment.


You’re done!

Cant play POKEMON X OR Y on citra nighty(5bb6753) emulator
İ cant run citra need help
Fire Emblem Fates White Screen
Mario paper jam not working with new citra
Harvest Moon Freezes
Cant Open Games In Citra
"fatal error" message along with 0 fps while trying to emulate pokemon moon
Citra Fatal Error Help :(
Citra just doesn't work
Fatal error (
Error citra with a game
Don't starting the game (error 9 )
Save Game Pokémon Moon (EU)
Video Core Error: Can't play pokemon Moon
Problem with Omega ruby Errors
Fatal Error -
Pokemon Sun Lag
Resolution have no effect on performance? (Playing Pokemon Moon)
(Bug) MacOS Can't Make Citra Window Larger Without Cropping
Kirby Planet Robobot crashing at level loading, please help!
Cant run animal crossing new leaf
Tomodachi life wont run
Problem to upload
Can i run using apu w/out gpu?
Problem with log
Citra in windows 10 low fps
HELP! Bug or screen error
Getting this error
Mac Citra fatal error
SMT 4 apocalypse ([ 207.884473] Render.OpenGL <Error> video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.c pp:DebugHandler:472: API ERROR 1282: GL error GL_INVALID_OPERATION)
GPU error when boot game
NSMB 2 not saving progress
Citra CRASH Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
Pokemon Ultra Sun Won't Boot
How to upload log file on Mac
Can't start up pokemon star
Same problem after using a new build
Kingdom Hearts Dreams Drop Distance major issues within Citra
New to installing, very confused
Majoras mask keeps given me this error need help
Kirby Planet Robobot Won't Even Start
I need help with pokemon sun
Pokemon Ultra Sun Crashes
Screen and FPS issues
Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies black screen in menus
Citra gives me an error can u help?
Having trouble with loading omega ruby
Mario and Luigi - Dream Team Bros. mid-game crash
Error message when i open 3dgames
Cards in game and text not showing in game hear its citras end
Error must run in the syscore
Harvest Moon A New Beginning Freezes Before Name Input
[Bug ORAS] Pokemon Omega Ruby was crashed at Victory Road
Black screen with music playing - missing drivers?
Black screen on a higher resolution
Cards in game and text not showing in game hear its citras end
Devil Survivor Overclocked: Analyze Bug
Cards in game and text not showing in game hear its citras end
Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X crashes on loading Ultimate Mission 2 save
Game gets slower when i change of graphic card
Dragon quest 8 Best build
Hard drive space eaten while playing Pokemon Moon
Skytree village - Horse name error
Fire emblem echos problem
Fire emblem echos problem
N64 controller support for Citra?
Citra Pokémon sun low fps error 8fps
Citra Crashes when i select a cup in mk7
Ocarina of Time 3D Crash
In-Game Vertical lines (FE: Echoes)
Senran Kagura Burst
What this error anyway i dont understand please help me
Tekken 3D - Prime Edition
Help "when playing pokemon sun and moon..."
CItraSetup "Installation Has Failed"
Out of Memory for macOS
TOMODACHI LIFE CITRA ERROR (HW.AES <Error> core\hw\aes\ccm.cpp:HW::AES::EncryptSignCCM:49: Key slot 49 not available. Will use zero key.)
Help With Game Graphics?
Problem Running Pokemon Omega Ruby on MAC
Bleeding Edge crashes after loading any games
I have some problem installing CITRA. Some one Help?
Citra doesn't open
Can't install it in windows 8 32 bit.. please help me
Can i play pokemon sun with AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 B24 Processor 3.00Ghz
Citra doesnt use my AMD 7600m card
Problem with controller
Inazuma elven go shadow and light
Need help with project x zone 2 when I'm going to attack with kite haseo it hangs
Help! pc shuts down on his own while playing with the emulator
Pokemon sun lower black screen
Citra crashes when I try to run the game I dumped
Black screen in pokemon sun
I Cannot run any Citra build on MAC OS 10.13
M&L Paper Jam crash with Paper Goombas... again
The emulator crashes when i try to play Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition
How do you save the game Pokemon sun on the mac?
Right way to download it
Happy Home Designer gets stuck in the opening
Aplication memory problem
First time Emulator User needing help
Fatal error Mac book air
Since nightly update 387 I havn't been able to boot games
{MacOs} Can't resize window Pokemon Moon
Fatal error thing please help
When attempting receive from internet in ultra sun city crashes
Ultimate Mission X
Black/Grey screen issue
Problem whit usum
Citra Nightly/Games running very slow on Windows 10 HP
I need help please
Black Screen And 0FPS (Pokemon Ultra Moon)
Help the game can't find any save files!
Shin Megami Tensei IV apocolypse look for reli could not parse mov! error
Pokemon Ultra Sun Crash
I need help with pokemon sun
I can't play Aikatsu My No.1 Stage
SMT 4 Apocalypse
Ultra Sun black screen at Alola Photo Club
Error while loading Pokemon X
Photo booth black screen Pokemon Ultra Moon for MAC
Extremely low FPS in Ultra Sun
Any solution found for the ultra sun photo club problem?
Grey screen Pokemon Moon Linux
Error log error log in games: pokemon sun, pokemon moon, pokemon x
PKMN Sun Citra Canary Multiplayer Error
Need help with system archives
Pokemon Sun Crash
Pokemon super MD crash
Will work with Bleeding Edge, but not new versions
Harvest Moon Skytree Village Cannot Name Animal
I cant run citra need help please
On creating new room my friends cant join it
So regarding the post about multiplayer
I dont know what to do
So regarding the post about multiplayer
Pokemon ultra sun
How To DUmp FIle on CItra
Citra emulator?
Low FPS ingame Even with great PC
Cant see multiplayer option after updating canary
Laging with 10 fps on amd a8-7410
Citra's Speed is Slower after updated
Problem! Please help!
How to play multiplayer on the same pc
Dragon quest 8 question
Pokemon omega ruby crash
Pokemon ultrasole crasha
I need more help
Error in square festi
How do tilt my screen for mac citra in kirby game
Mario versus donkey kong Tipping stars
DLCs and update with the option install CIA
I need another help!
Help me with the new emu version
Project Mirai DX Crash
Black screen issues in postgame?
Pokemon oras graphical glich
Le telechargement de iegocs brasier(francais)
Citra crashes when launching games
Me podrian ayudar a actualizar mis controles de gpu
Mouse not working as stylus
Citra wont start the game
Fire emblem fates special edition cant continue the choosen path
I Deleted the savedata from my file directory and now I cant play the game
Black screen at alola photo club
Fatal error while launching pokemon Y
Graphic related. Help!
Long Loading Times
Monster hunter generations/XX - game freezes, keep playing just audio
Cant play! , error occured in the video core
New to Citra, Audio stutter/ Majoras Mask
No Rendering Options?
Super smash bross 3ds
Black screen and sometimes windows not responding
New to Citra, Audio stutter/ Majoras Mask
Citra how to upload log file
DLC Infinite Loop Etrian Odyssey
Black screen latest citra version
Black screen latest citra version
Unable to connect to the room
Install latest graphic
Ultra Sun crash
Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Srone Wildfire
Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Srone Wildfire
Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Srone Wildfire
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is Only Background Can't See!
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Glitches and doesn't run on Citra 694
No shader emulation on f69feeb canary
No shader emulation on f69feeb canary
Fatal error when opening Pokémon
Even with the latest Nightly, Hardware Shader still broken on macOS iGPU
How do i transfer my save file from zelda to newer citra ver
How can I unlock tezcat on inazuma eleven go chrono stone?
Help citra nightly slow
Wont let me start it
Citra emu does not have multiplayer tab
Need help for pokemon SUN or MOON.Thanking You
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, & Shin Megami Tensei IV
Can't use C-stick in Citra
MHX Data Manager
System Archive Dump corrupted?
Ultrasun black screen with sound
Pokemon Sun - Po Town Issue
Citra file error
PKMN ultrasun blocks
Tilt Controls Non-functional
Citra Freeze After The Updates
Monster hunter stories fix
Sonic The Hedgehog
Citra new build crash 10 min when playing all games
Ultra Sun and Moon
Ultra Sun Crash GPU
Citra vai ser lançado para pc 32bits?
Kindly Help..Pokemon Y Black Screen on Macbook Air
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Freeze after credits
Pokemon USUM Battle Royale (multiplayer) Crashes
Festiplaza error
Where the new Renderer settings
Give a error in my citra " citra has encountered an error while running the video core, please see the log for more details"
Rune factory 4 (problem with random values in objects)
Pokemon USUM's Screen freezes, but keeps going!
Citra Canary HEAD-2ab202b crashes when using GPU shader emulation - Pokemon Ultra Sun
Ultra Sun issue in Citra Nightly
Citra refuses to run on Nvidia GPU
Pokemon ultra sun freeze
Shared Fonts Crash
Pokemon ultra sun freeze
Latest update wont run games even in citra nightly
How to multiplayer in same pc please help!
Fire Emblem Awakening Paralogue 17 Graphical Bug
Cannot connect to multiplayer
Fire Emblem Fates
All of my games freeze at start up and crashes Citra
Pokemon Ultra Sun Error Invisible/Immortal Trainer Pokemon
Citra crash - OpenGL version 1.1
AMD cart crashes
Project X Zone 1 press L+R+Start and freezing
Pokemon omega ruby crashes at intro
Error im getting for pokemon ultra sun
Why I cant run any game on my citra
I ca nort see the game but the sond i can
Citra developers resolve the pokemon ultra sun photo club bug
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe Black screen
Can't play Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone Light
HELP PLEASE! My Emulator is not run corretcly
Dragon Quest VIII Resolution
Transfering Save Files
Why does Citra delete save files?
Por favor ayuda
Error Building Citra directly from Github
Mii Maker - Fatal Error
What can i do with it
Smash 4 problems
Bravely Second - End Layer is giving me a fatal error when trying to start it
Friends cannot join my room
Majora's Mask start button not working
I need some help i've been trying to play pokemon rumble world and i cant get a mii to play
Pokemon omega ruby crash
Citra log error help me please =) aiutatemi per favore!
Problem in launching any game on mac
Actually I've a question
Monster hunter xx crash at save load
Weird Bug when clicking on Citra menu bar
Zelda Tri Force Heroes not loading
Fire Emblem: Awakening crashing when initiating combat against specific classes with animations on
Canary folder deleted after the update
Question: How do we use the Camera for Mac OS X
Fatal Error, MacBook Pro 2018
Intel HD graphics issue
A problem about creating public room
The ROM format is not supported
(ScpToolkit Driver) When DS3 Joystick is turned back on after an idle turned off, it stops working in Citra
New to Citra and can't seem to do much
Detective Pikachu Visual Freeze
Camera not working
Pokemon Ultra Moon not running at 60
Games don't work
Grey Screen Issue
I can play pokemon x or y in pc using citra?
Game does not start only shows a black scree
My sun and moon keeps freezing before starter
Citra Canary random crashes and freezes on games
Yu gi oh game not working on my citra
Don’t starting the game (error 9 )
Log File error need help
Citra crashes on canary build HEAD-60e094e
Help with the grapichs
Fire Emblem Echoes Incompleteness of speech
Fire Emblem echos No dialogic voice
My pokemon its not coneccted to internet
Trade Pokemon while beeing on the same Router/Network
Issue with running Citra on Mac
Issues with shadow shin megami tensei IV: Apocalypse
Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology looks worse each upgrade to resolution
Wwe all stars fatal error
Utilisation de la manette
Citra has encountered a fatal error
Unable to read RomFS / fatal error
MHXX is running on 5fps
Pokemon ultra moon cant launch
Fifa 15 legacy edition
Please help i cant launch any game after updating
Random lags in Citra Nightly
Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone 'System Dump' at Multi-player
Pokemon USUM Battle Agency?
Azure Strike Gunvolt 2/strike pack requires Microphone to beat
Textures flickering in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Sun
Pokemon Ruby Black screen
Fatal Error Issue
Cant run Pokemon Omega Ruby
Can't work on my PC Win 10 64bit
Trouble with Playing Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
Citra crash when create a save flie for m&S
Since the new update Citra immediately force closes when loading rom
Boot 3ds logo on startup
Nintendogs,Flipnote 3D,
Latest Citra update made performance slower - HEAD-55680b0
Dragon Quest VIII graphics issue
Save file not loading
Save file not loading
Cannot increase emulator speed more 100% after Update
Cannot increase emulator speed more 100% after Update
Need help with the new update
Persona Q undub throws errors in Citra when reading its undubbed DLC
Persona Q undub throws errors in Citra when reading its undubbed DLC
Citra won't start (Ubuntu)
Latest Citra update makes it unable to be launched
Citra Canary wont even open?
Citra Canary wont even open?
New Citra Too Slowdowns
New Citra Too Slowdowns
Citra oras problem with pokeblock case
Unable to see GPU option under graphic
New update slow fps
How to connect to the internet on ultra sun
How to connect to the internet on ultra sun
I need help to upload the log file
SMT 4 Apocalypse freeze on load
New update before and now = bad audio
Graphical issues with latest Canary in Monster Hunter XX
No Command Prompt While Opening Citra_qt
No Command Prompt While Opening Citra_qt
Help meee ASAP!
Why is it so slow
MH4U and Citra rooms; disconnection between players
Mario maker no online
Citra Was Unable Locate the 3DS Shared Fonts Error I know the solution but In my mac I'm unable to find some folders
Citra freezing when ROM is loaded
Citra freezing when ROM is loaded
MH4U; online disconnection on official Build
You guys probably get this alot but
Legend of zelda ocarina of time issue
Resident Evil Revelations Issues
Resident Evil Revelations Issues
Super Mario 3D Land - Softlock
Issue with Radiant Historia - New Update (Resolved)
Please eliminate the need for dumping from 3DS. Not every one has hacked system
FEF .Cia file installation messing up the game
Please eliminate the need for dumping from 3DS. Not every one has hacked system
Pokemon Ultra Sun Randomizer not loading
When I play Pokemon Ultra Moon on it, the screen is just grey
Do new updates make citra faster?
Backup 3DS save but need to restore for use with Citra
I need help on my citra on mac.Black screen
Way to dummy out/ignore NG bag word list?
FEF .Cia file installation messing up the game
MH XX crash on creating or joining local play HUB
Monster hunter XX Infinitely loading
I need help on my citra on mac.Black screen
Monster hunter XX Infinitely loading
Gpu or cpu? Help
Error while opening game
Lots of Hangups in 7th Dragon Code VFD
Pokémon Ultra Sun update data (1.2)
Fatal Error Please Help!
Citra Hangups After some time
Citra Hangups After some time
Gamecube config
Verification Not Working
Speed of the CItra
Need help with log error
Can't get past roto loto pokemon ultra sun
Can't get past roto loto pokemon ultra sun
Is there any option to emulate the microphone?
Video Core Error pl0x help
Video Core Error pl0x help
Animal Crossing New Leaf Issue
Error al adceder al citra
Animation only in the lower right corner
Animation only in the lower right corner
New nightly update (694) breaks graphics
DQ8 slowing down in fields
Cant seem to find the link to download a user folder
Pokemon ORAS glitch?
Error Citra 3ds HandleSyncRequest:96
Error Citra 3ds HandleSyncRequest:96
Ocarina of Time glitch PLS HELP
Ocarina of Time glitch PLS HELP
Problem with sound
Really bad lag in nightly
You can use the microphone in the emulator
Flashcart suggestion
Half black screen on SJ redux
Half black screen on SJ redux
Flashcart suggestion
FE Awakening menu has green squares
Can't Make ROM for Pokémon Sun Digital Version
When will i able to play pokemon x at decent speed on citra?
Trouble with Unarchiving .xz file
Im confused this works on windows 8 32 bit but not on windows 7 32 bit plz help
Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition white screen/stuck after marrying
Fire Emblem Fates: freeze upon opening a save
Not able to open save data location
FPS drops to 0 when i enter at Malie Garden
Problem while restarting citra
Emm help, Black Screen when start a game
Problems on Mac
Erro Citra 3ds HandleSyncRequest: 95
Failed to determine system mode(error 8)