How to use cirle.pad on Citra?


I was wondering how to use cirle pad on Citra while playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I tried to set it in configuration > input but didn’t work


Go to Emulation > Configure > Input. What key is your Circle Mod? (For me it’s D). When you want to move slowly, you press your key + left/right/up/down.


Thank you very much , it’s D for me too


in the circle mod for me there is nothing


I don’t understand what you’re saying.


This question was already answered, but I want to add extra information regarding circle pad input for anyone else who has a similar issue (assuming it’s regarding analog controls for the Circle Pad and C-Stick and you’re attempting to use a more standard controller):

In newer versions of Citra, there’s a “set analog stick” button. If you click that and then follow the prompt’s directions, you will gain fully analog movement like a normal 3DS, without needing to hold down another button. The Circle Mod will then say it’s unused, because at this point, it’s no longer needed.