How to use cirle.pad on Citra?

I was wondering how to use cirle pad on Citra while playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I tried to set it in configuration > input but didn’t work

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Go to Emulation > Configure > Input. What key is your Circle Mod? (For me it’s D). When you want to move slowly, you press your key + left/right/up/down.


Thank you very much , it’s D for me too

in the circle mod for me there is nothing

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

This question was already answered, but I want to add extra information regarding circle pad input for anyone else who has a similar issue (assuming it’s regarding analog controls for the Circle Pad and C-Stick and you’re attempting to use a more standard controller):

In newer versions of Citra, there’s a “set analog stick” button. If you click that and then follow the prompt’s directions, you will gain fully analog movement like a normal 3DS, without needing to hold down another button. The Circle Mod will then say it’s unused, because at this point, it’s no longer needed.

I have seen 3DS players sneaking faster on pokemon which the circle mod is not capable of.
Will there be anything new to help with this??

What exactly do you mean by “sneaking faster” and exactly what Pokemon game? If you’re referring to ORAS, you can only sneak at one speed. The other Pokemon games don’t that have that sneak feature. The circle mod button just modifies the radius the circle pad is pushed.

Thanks a lot ! Although I’m pretty sure of what I saw this makes me feel a lot better.

Could u sneak faster? Plz help me

You can’t sneak faster, to put it simply. There’s only one speed. Sorry.

I click on the d but it opens up my options where there is no cracker and Pokemon on the screen below

So, when you press D ingame, you don’t sneak?

I’m having a similar problem. I have recently started playing Alpha Sapphire, and I have not been able to figure out the sneak. My keybinds are set to an xbox 360 controller, where I have set a=a, b=b, x=x, y=y, start=start, select=select, d-pad=d-pad, and circle pad is the left analog stick. I have tried setting circle mod to pressing down on the right stick, can someone please help? I have tried with and without joytokey enabled (For the mouse)
EDIT: LB=Left, RB=Right, and for joytokey I have Lt for right click and Rt for left click. The home button automatically opens up steam. The right analog stick is for moving the mouse.
EDIT 2: I tried setting circlemod to Lt, all it doesis make me walk unaligned with the grid.

You’re not suppose to be using Circle Mod with controller. The Circle Mod is meant for keyboard only. For controllers you set the circle pad with Set Analog Stick. From there you can sneak by slightly moving the analog stick.

I have tried that, still doesn’t work. Maybe I need to lower the deadzone? Or, possibly, It’s just joytokey thats messing everything up. Thanks for the advice, though.
EDIT: I set it to fullscreen, and had the view option where the lower screen is to the side. I don’t know why, but it sneaks now, thank you.

I also can’t seem to make my character sneak. I tried pushing D and moving around but my character just stops in place when I push D and doesn’t even move anymore. Still no definite answer on this issue?

Try holding D down and hold down the arrow keys in the direction you want to go to in game on your keyboard and it should work.
Update just tryed it and it works

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Hi guys i’m running citra on my mac but when i try to use the circle mod my character stop moving, when i press D there is nothing that happen. What can i do to fix it ? I try to use others fingerboards but nothing too.

I’m with the same problem. Do you resolve it?