How to use cirle.pad on Citra?


Try holding D down and hold down the arrow keys in the direction you want to go to in game on your keyboard and it should work.
Update just tryed it and it works


When i press D I stay on the same place, I can’t move doing this


Hold d instead of pressing d + the circle pad buttons (arrow keys)


Still doesn’t work here. I’ve tried hold and press D. And in configurations D button is already set as circle mod. I’m desperate!!!


I have no issues on the latest canary build 1154 on my pc


I’m with this version too, but I’m in linux


I’m using windows 10


I guess linux is the problem. I will play another pokemon game with don’t need to sneak


I’m on mac, after verifying the key of the circle mod, it does not work while I tried both solutions by holding the key and just pressing the key, someone would have a solution?


Linux is not the problem, I’m on linux with the latest canary build and I’m able to do it just fine