How to use homebrew font in new version?

I just realize citra has changed the usage of some files in the ‘user’ folder, and it caused some problems. The Chinese version of ‘Rune Factory 4’ (unofficial) need a homebrew font file to show the words correctly, and that file works properly in folder ‘sysdata’ for at least one older emulator(the one distributed in July). As ‘sysdata’ is abandoned, RF4 is no longer readable.
I don’t have a 3ds, and even if I borrow one from my friend, rarely can I get permission to install a homebrew font file. I do have a ‘user’ folder that works properly before(at least I thought properly). What can I do to install or recompile the font file instead of going back to older version?

by the way are there any plans for virtual SpotPass function?
Some games need this to make walkthrough easier, or you will need tens of hours to get some equipment, BDFF for instance.

Not currently, no. (regarding your main post, I’m actually not sure if that’s possible or not.)

do you have a change log for this version? I meet a strange frame rate problem when playing monster hunter double cross. Curious what changes you have made.

We don’t really have a user friendly changelog, but there are ways to see what changes have made on GitHub:

  • For Nightly, in each release, the description of the Git commit that has been built is included in the release description.
  • For Canary, in each release, the list of Git pull requests merged is included in a merge log in the readme, which can be accessed by going to the Git tree for a release (The canary-xxx link directly under Latest release.).