How to zoom and move Citra's camera? + bug

Is there currently a way to zoom in or out in Citra’s camera or to move over an image that is larger than the consoles screen? If not it would be really nice if this is considered as a future feature (if it isn’t yet), maybe use the motion control to move over the image and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Then I’d like to report a small bug I have encountered with the camera. I’m using the rear camera in Single (2D) mode with a still image as source. When I check “Prompt before load” Citra asks me to load 2 images. I understand that this makes sense for the Double (3D) mode, but for the 2D mode it should be enough to load only 1 image.

Anyway it’s nice to see what Citra has become over the past months. It’s one of the best emulators out there and I almost nerver had any issues. Thanks for your hard work to anyone who is involved!


It is my problem mine is to zoom and i dont know how to zoom it out if you ever find a solution please tell me-

I’m sorry, but my problem was different. What I was talking about is the system camera and the image you can select there (e.g. to scan QR codes).

Your issue seems to be related to internal resolution.
Try changing the Internal Resolution under Emulation > Configure… > Graphics > Renderer to Native (or see if any of the other resolutions work). If that doesn’t help you may have to update your graphics driver, get the latest from your GPU manufacturers site.