How would this build do

Cpu:intel i5 8250u
Gpu:Nvidia mx 150 2gb
8gb ddr4 ram
256gb ssd
What kind if speed could i get and could i play at 10x native on demanding games?

What build? And the best way to find out is to test it.

They are asking if these computer specs are enough to run Citra at 10x, not what Citra build should they use.

You still didn’t answer my question

I think you would get around fullspeed on hw shaders. Depends upon the gane, though.

Would i get full speed on 10x native?

See above your comment, under what game exactly?

Unless your notebook has a 4K screen you don’t need anything close to 10x native anyway.
4-5x native is totally fine for a 1080p screen.
And some games don’t run at all in Citra and some very poorly, no matter your hardware.

Mhxx pokemon and kingdom hearts

No, I don’t think so. You might get 20-25 FPS. Why do you need 10x anyways?