Since you seem to want to force people to ask, how can someone submit a test report that actually changes the game’s compatibility status from “not tested.” I spent an hour looking last night, it’s not in the wiki, or the faq, or, and when I search the forum the thread linked in the title is the only result that looks relevant, someone asking the same question and trying to volunteer to help and getting no answer. For months.

Note that even if you happen to know the place this information is hidden in one of the above-listed sources, it doesn’t mean that it’s OK for it to be hidden there rather than being easy to find. Not being discoverable is the same as it not being there.

Help -> Report Compatibility.

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Nice thanks now let’s get that information put on the website where people looking for it there will see it

It’s probably already there in the last section of the FAQ. I’m not sure though, and I’m too lazy to check. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the first place I looked.

We’ll look into better documenting how the compatibility testcase submission feature in Citra, on the website.

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