I am not able to see the multiplayer option after the update

i have already seen the old issue but i am still facing it even after updating

The multiplayer integrations failed to merge (yet again), and we’ll be fixing this.

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Well, that’s the reason they are not into Nightly yet. They are unstable.

EDIT: It’s not unstable. I thought that since the merge conflicted regularly, it was unstable. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

… That’s not the reason. Multiplayer is stable, it’s just that we haven’t merged multiplayer yet. It’s been sitting for 4 months in Canary now, and it’s starting to bite us for not merging it sooner by conflicting with other PRs.

What! You mean… come to pm. I don’t think all users should hear (or want to hear) what I’m about to say next…