I am once again asking how to remove outlines from Pokémon games

I’ve seen the YouTube tutorials that tell you how to remove outlines from Pokémon Sun & Moon by using a hex editor. But I’ve also seen that for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you can remove outlines by using a cheat code in Citra. Is it possible to just use a cheat code for the original Sun & Moon too, specifically Sun? If so, what is the code?

You can find cheat codes for many games here: https://github.com/iSharingan/CTRPF-AR-CHEAT-CODES/tree/master/Cheats

Make sure you pick a code that is compatible with your version of the game.

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Thanks, I found exactly what I need. Do you know if it’s possible to contact the people who made all these codes? I want to see if they can help me with something else that I made another post about.

No Outlines - Google Docs

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what’s the use/benefit of removing the outlines?

Some people think it looks better. That’s it.