I blurred all texts (Pokemon Ultra Sun)

Somehow made everything blurry. Looked at the hotkeys and all in citra itseld but nothings working. I pressed ctrl+ smthn and this is how I have this predicament in the first place, and I now dont know what to do.

In game battling is clear as can be along with the open world and all trainers and structures and whatnot. But all texts, pictures, and even the pokedex is blurry af.

If anyone can help, thanks.

increase internal resolution? also enable linear filtering. have you changed your GPU’s global settings for texture filtering?

Internal resolution is fine, as well as my settings for my GPU. As for linear filtering, I have no idea what that is… sorry.

The only thing I do know is I pressed a button and made everything blurry. Not only is pokemon blurry but everything else as well.

huh, you may have enabled 3D, go to Emulation > Configure > Graphics and set ‘Stereoscopic 3D Mode’ to ‘Off’ and ‘Depth’ to ‘0%’.

It not that either, since I myself thought that I turned on 3D. If anything, my games suddenly became slower soon after the blurriness. I dont know if that’s part of the problem or not, just want to fix this so I can play…

Thanks for the help btw :)) It means a lot.

Open your GPU settings panel and reset global settings. Close citra if open, open citra’s config folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\config and delete/move the ‘qt-config.ini’ file. open citra, launch your game and make sure that all cheats are disabled.

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I have same problem but only with Pokemon ultra sun

Hey do you fix this issue yet? This bugs me very much…