I broke my Citra app for OS! configuring PS3 controller gone wrong

Hello, I am in need of big help. To start things off, I am a mac user and I was trying to follow this page’s thread for controller configuration for mac.(for ps3) Temporary: Controller Configurations for Citra. However when I went to follow the instructions and copied it in, I reopened the program hoping it had worked when I c/p-ed it but did not (The emu still worked). . At first I had put the coding at the bottom, then tried again and put it at the top. when I went back into the program, nothing works any more and I’m just left with an error message… x.x I tried downloading the newest nightly and replacing the old version in my applications. Alas nothing worked and I still have the same error and not a single game works anymore. all I want to do now is get it fixed, yet I don’t know how to even fix this or what files I would need to delete to start over or anything and am at a complete loss.
provided are photos and logs of the incident Please let know know what I should do and thank you for your help.

According to this screenshot, it looks like you’re editing the wrong file. You should delete the config file and start and close CItra to create a new one.

The file you’re suppose to be editing is qt-config.ini, not the config file. In Mac, it’s located in ~/.local/share/citra-emu/config.

You’re suppose to replace what’s under the [Controls] section, like this:

Make sure Citra isn’t running when you’re editing it and close and save it afterwards.

Hmmm it’s not seeming to want to take me anywhere. Am I typing something in wrong or entering in the wrong address?

Hmm, I’m not sure how you were able to open the directory in the first place but if you look back at the directory location, you will see the citra-emu folder. Just go back until you reach there and you should see the config folder.

This is what is in the Citra-emu folder

That is strange. Citra is suppose to create the config folder as well. You can see the structure of how the user directory (citra-emu folder) is suppose to look here.

hmm so I have a whole folder missing? What do you suggest I do to move forward or fix whatever may be broken?

Well deleting that config file should have fixed Citra but for configuring your controller, I’m not sure. Citra should’ve created the folder and file the first time you ran it.

Redownload citra. Maybe, it will be fixed. You can also try running it from an admin account