I can not enter a public room that I made

I made a public room successfully on Computer 1. I try to use Computer 2 connect the room.
And it show up on Computer 2.

System Information

  • Computer 1 Operating System: Windows 8.1 pro x64

  • Computer 1 Citra Version: Canary HEAD-da6b923

  • Computer 2 Operating System: Windows 7 pro x64

  • Computer 2 Citra Version: Canary HEAD-e05aa46

Two computer are on same LAN.

even on the same lan you’ll need to open the port on the host and make sure your firewall isn’t blocking them. if they are on the same lan, you should just join using direct connect instead of the lobby, and then you can use your host computers internal ip which should avoid issues with NATs (in case you are behind one)

My firewall isn’t blocking them.
How to “open the port on the host”?
And I try to use Direct connect, then it show same message again.

You have to port forward. Search it up on Google for instructions how to do that for your router.