I can't find the controller configuration in MacOS Sierra

Controller configuration files (or at least the ones mentioned) are not in the mentioned place

You checked this directory ~/.local/share/citra-emu/? Unless you’ve created a user folder in your installation directory, all configuration files should be in the aforementioned directory.

what about qt-config.ini? where do I find that?

Make sure there’s no user folder within your Citra directory and run Citra once so it’ll create the qt-config-ini file and directory. You can it in ~/.local/share/citra-emu/config/ in Mac (it’s usually hidden).

Is it this one?

No it is not that one.

Try looking for this path ~/.config/citra-emu/qt-config.ini (cc @Flamboyant_Ham @Leo121)

thanks a lot, this helped very much

to see hidden files in Finder, need to press CMD-Shift-. (dot) in Finder itself

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