I can't install yuzu!?

I download from the download website,and then start install yuzu , it keeps giving me the error:
yuzu Installer
Failed to read resource: Custom { kind: TimedOut, error: “timed out” }

So I choose the manual download button,

but when I open yuzu,another error occured

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

The first error may just be github having a bad day, try again later or use a VPN.
The second bug is solved if you follow our quickguide: https://yuzu-emu.org/help/quickstart/

If I don’t have a switch,can I follow the quickguide?

Sure but you will only be able to run homebrew on yuzu. The encryption keys are needed to decode the games to run them on yuzu, and the games need to be dumped from a console.

what is homebrew and how to dump the game from console?

Homebrew are non-commercial games, apps to run on the switch, like a browser, PDF reader, etc.
Everything is explained in the guide, please follow it.

do not get those games

OK,thanks so much:blush:

Why do not get those games?

I think I have the same problem. yuzu_installer.log (21.1 KB)

same answer as above.

Also make sure you don’t have a firewall or something that blocks outbound connections.

You can always do manual downloads if the installer doesn’t work for any reason: https://yuzu-emu.org/downloads/ click on manual downloads at the bottom, and get the latest version clicking on the windows icon.

yup, i just downloaded successfully, a few hours ago i cant even download it, im guessing it must be because of my internet or something

Most of the time, the regional servers of github are down.