I can't open the "in game" configuration menu in CITRA MMJ

Hey everyone, I’ve recently intalled Citra on my Samsung Galaxy S20fe and following “how to set up” tutorial video I saw that there is a in game configuration that opens another configuration menu in witch
it is possible to change a lot of other things, especially the button trasparency and screen sizes.

However I can’t open this menu, even pressing the return button (<) when the game have been booted. (This was the way that the video showed up)


Can someone help me?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File

As per our Community Guidelines, we do not provide support with unofficial builds here. Please direct your support request to the author of the unofficial build or their support outlet.