I can't play PSMD

I play game and no respond
[ 0.000000] Common.Filesystem common\file_util.cpp:FileUtil::GetUserPath:695: Using the local user directory
[ 0.444184] Frontend citra_qt\game_list.cpp:GameList::PopulateAsync:319: Could not find game list folder at D:/Emuladores/Nintendo 3ds/EmuCR-Citra-hw-renderer-fixes-20150531-x64/Roms 3DS/convertidor
[ 36.286189] Core core\core.cpp:Core::System::Load:97: Failed to initialize system (Error 9)

Please test again with the latest nightly build

I have, it didn’t work

Before we provide support, please create another support request that completely, and accurately fills out the template so that we may better assist you.