I don't know what you did, but pokemon ultra sun is running 100% perfectly

I’m using Canary Build - fb8c878 (Windows)
This morning, I had the occasional slow down, and some battles like Doubles, were painful at 30-40% speed. After this last update, I’m getting 100% speed for everything except the intro video.
The towns, doubles battles, fancy effects. Everything is running perfect… For me anyways. My friend not so much, her’s is better, but not quite perfect. Was able to complete the game with the slowdowns, kind of wish i waited a couple days :smiley:

I used to dread cutscenes in towns because of how brutally slow the game could get. And doubles battles were even worse. Avoided them like the plague. But now… No slow downs. :slight_smile:

Xeon x5670 6 core [email protected] (Best LGA1366 cpu i can get)
12GB Triple channel memory
6GB GTX 1060 with minor overclock.
Windows 10 x64

Below is a screenshot of the doubles battles. I added the game through steam as a non-steam game, just so i can see the FPS in fullscreen mode. which BTW… Fullscreen mode runs even better than windowed mode! (or it did before when i used to have slowdowns, i’d get less slowdowns)


The latest blog post explains what was recently added to Canary.


Thank you. I now know what was done! I’ve been lurking and watching Citra for a while. But this boost has been so big that i couldn’t help but join and say something. I very much so do appreciate all the work the devs have been put into this. I can’t wait till i can play pokemon ultra sun and what ever pokemon games come out next, on the GPD win 2 (core m3 7y30, with intel 615 graphics, and 8GB ram) it’s a handheld windows 10 PC. :slight_smile: