I got a question

long time emulator player here… since the very first versions of pj64
i have been playing ocarina of time, luigis mansion, majoras mask and super mario 64 for a long time
i want to play them on your emulator, but i cant really get used to having to swap screens and use my mouse for clicking on stuff… it feels completely wrong on a computer…
so is it possible that we can play these games some day without having to use the extra screen?

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Uh. The second screen is a basic feature of the 3ds. We can’t just ‘take it out’ of the emulator. We don’t change the games themselves either, all we do is mimic the hardware, so the games play the same as on the original system.

hey aura
okay that sucks
is it possible to make it less of a menace when you have to use two screens?
such as using your controller instead of pointing with your mouse or something like that
binding the button that swaps the screen to the controller instead of using the keyboard wouldnt hurt either

i really enjoy playing the 3ds version of majoras mask, but having to swap screens and use the mouse is way too annoying