I got trouble on display screen

Every time I try to load a ROM of Pokemon Sun, Moon, it either gives me a black screen or silver screen. Like that http://imgur.com/T1fte2t How to fix it? Thanks you very much!

Can you give us your specs? Also, give us your log.

here: http://pastebin.com/uy8xfCNV

I’ve seen this issue posted before. Please post your PC specs. Judging from the log, it looks like your GPU is Intel and already supports OpenGL 3.3. Try updating your Intel GPU drivers.

“The best driver sofware for your device is already installed” it said

Probably want to check this out: [ 0.203718] Service.APT <Warning> core\hle\service\apt\apt.cpp:Service::APT::Init:627: Unable to load shared font: C:\Users\Naza\AppData\Roaming/Citra/sysdata/shared_font.bin

Dump the shared fonts from your 3DS, because these are corrupted or there’s none. Sun/Moon doesn’t use them here, but if you want to run another game, this will be your main problem.

Also, update drivers not from the device manager. Go to the official Intel site and download them there. I already am one step farther and got a link for your HD 4000: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25977/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-and-Windows-7-8-1-15-33-?product=81499

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Who / where / what “said” this?

Clearly, was God.
But seriously: this message is shown when you try to update/install a driver that Windows consider somehow “up to date”

Even then the question remains: Did the driver come from Microsoft / Windows update? Did it come from some random website? Did it come from the laptops / desktop PCs manufacturer (hp, dell etc.)? Did it come from the instance designing the hardware (nvidia, intel, amd etc.)? - Maybe they have an archive with old versions and the user did not download the latest version? …