I have a small issue with a game that isn't really explained... Anywhere. Really

Not sure where to put this so I’ll stay with general. It’s simply… the Ingame Keyboard doesn’t show up neither does Citra writes itself in one game I want to play with it… I’m kind of desperate to find a solution by now and want to try it with a question here! It would be nice to find an answer soon… Looking forward to anyone trying to help me with it!!

it’s a support question. the native keyboard applet isn’t fully implemented yet but when a game text field asks for it, citra will display a small windows with a text field for you to type in. which game is it? also upload your log, follow these instructions:

Weirdly enough… I don’t have that Debug Option on my Citra… Weirdly enough. Means I can’t follow these steps below. Which sucks…

Which citra version are you using? this feature is available on the latest canary.

Uh… I just write what the bar says… Citra Canary / Head-bae4b4b That’s what it is saying…

Download the latest, this is an old build

You probably should update, it should say “Citra Canary #653” at the title bar as of now when using the Canary build.

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Okay thank you all but I just realised… I was using my Citra for dragon ball heros Ultimate X. My Mistake… I found Citra Nightly #812. It letted me write my name there. Thanks for all the help though. I appreciate it.