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Every time that someone asks about the cross head thing on Tomodachi Life, support people just say “doing anything else is piracy.” Here’s the thing. I own a copy of the game. However, since the Nintendo 3DS does not have an option for using multiple profiles, I can not play the game. My brother plays the game on our shared 3DS and since we cannot use multiple profiles, I cannot create my own save file of the game without messing up his stuff. Personally, I think that downloading a game that you already own is completely okay. I don’t think that I should have to pay around £100 to buy another 3ds just so that I can play this game. Now that this ramble is done with, can I have some actual help on how to fix the problem with miis on emulators? surely if you can transfer files from the 3ds at least someone should have found a way to get the mii files. Thanks.

Dumping the necessary files from your 3DS does not affect any of the data on your 3DS. It simply makes a copy, in a format that Citra can understand. That’s what dumping means. Just follow the guide, and it’ll be fixed: Dumping System Archives and the Shared Fonts from a 3DS Console - Citra

Additionally, we do not care about your opinions regarding the morality of piracy, or when you think it’s okay to pirate. Piracy is a crime, and we cannot provide support for it, for obvious reasons. Keep your opinions about it to yourself.