I have problems with openGL 3.3

Yes I know that bio3c wrote an example XD

Dude thanks you’re the best, but one last thing, now how I open multiplayer?
P.s. also preferences

For preferences edit the sdl2-config.ini file located on ~/.config/citra-emu/.
for multiplayer edit the sdl2-config.ini with your username and token, and to connect you have to launch citra like this:

citra --multiplayer=anyusername:[email protected]_Address:PORT "PathToGame\game.3ds"

leave room password empty if the room doesn’t have one.
you can find rooms ip and port by connecting to them via citra-qt, after doing so their ip and address will stored on the Multiplayer > Direct Connect to Room window.

@wwylele i’m not able to change the keys (keyboard) for the sdl frontend, it won’t accept anything, is it working properly?

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One truly last thing: what about regenerating the console ID from terminal?

Not sure if that’s possible. can’t you do that using citra-qt?

After having fiddled a bit I discovered that you just need to change nickname in the terminal, I write this so maybe others can read and solve the problem directly without a new discussion