I just beat Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity on Citra

So yeah.

Also this was my first challenge run to not lose any lives during the game. Lost only 1 life in the entire game, but that was only on Bittercold. The game ran really smooth, 60 fps on almost all the game. Also, this game didn’t crash even once. I would say that this game is one of the most playable games on Citra. No glitches, no nothing.

Here’s some pictures to prove that:

Bittercold Battle

Staff Credits

P.S. I hope that I’m not that kind of a person who posts this, but everyone else has beaten it before me…

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Bittercold is brutal anyway - nicely done. I managed to do the same, again losing a life during that sequence.

Nicely done! Just finished Gates to Infinity here as well (tried Super Mystery, crashes first cutscene for some reason :confused:)

The ending hit me harder than anything else. The endings are always predictable in Mystery Dungeon games, but the way they delivered it was brilliant and underrated, I’d say.

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Try disabling Hardware Renderer on Rayquaza, that might help. I already am on Fire Island Volcano now.

How fast does your Citra run without HW Renderer?
Mine goes literally at 1fp…

(If Rayquaza was the only one that kicked the error, then I would do it, but it sounds as if it’s not the only one that kicks it.)

Mine runs at 5 fps, yeah, that’s normal. Here’s where you disable this: (in my playthrough)

  1. Rayquaza scene
  2. Looking at your reflection in the water
  3. Before any boss battle (the scene with white triangles from sides)
  4. After Poliwrath battle, when it attacks you
  5. The ghost scenes
  6. Before evolution (on Fire Island Volcano)
  7. Right after Entei battle

I know that this list is very long and you probably don’t want to sit on 5 fps the entire time (especially No.5, because it keeps popping up instantly), so I can tell you that this error is known (#2110 on GitHub).

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The list does look very, very long.
I think it might be a good idea just to wait for the Citra wizards to patch it up, if they know the bug exists.

Yeah, I also want that to be fixed, then I could beat PSMD! But the problem is that nobody right now works on it, though…

Oh really?
Well… that sucks.
I hope they get around it soon…
In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to go back to older games and do re-runs.

Well, I think that Fire Island Volcano is as far as you can go in PSMD right now, because it crashes there way too often. And to add, the crash problem is the one and the same “zero input width”.

Congratulations and thanks for reporting it. I am not fan of Pokemon and never will. Not my things. Anyway… Maybe you should delete this picture for a spoiler. Some of people didn’t finish this game. Just saying. :slight_smile:

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