I need a PC can play 3ds game with full speed, can you build it for me

I need a PC can play 3ds game with full speed, can you build this PC for me.Tks very muck.

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Note that there is absolutely no guarantee that this will actually run 3DS Fullspeed with Citra. In fact, it certainly won’t at the current point in time and it may never do.

I’d suggest getting the cheapest PC case with a removable side. Then buy this and mount it on the inside of your PC case.
(If you have extra money and room left you can also install a motherboard, CPU etc. to have a fully working x86 PC in the same case)
If your buttons + display inside the PC are still reachable this kind of PC is currently the only one on the public market to give you actual 3DS support.

What I’m saying is: If you want to play 3DS games right now, use a real 3DS.
If you want emulation there is currently no way to know what kind of hardware will be necessary for good emulation. A lot of games also won’t work properly for months or even years to come.


You are absolutely right… BUT if the OP wants a decent gaming rig without breaking the bank, he doesn’t have to pay someone to custom build him one… we bought two of these from Best Buy over the holiday season, and we can pretty much run any new triple aaa game with everything on, 1080p, and 60 fps.

(Of course, games written poorly like early access stuff, and emulators still in development are going to have issues just because of their experimental and developmental nature.)

We couldn’t buy the separate components for these rigs cheaper than buying them completely assembled and ready to go. (They are pretty much off the shelf systems with hand picked parts like asus motherboards, and nvidia based graphic cards.)

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That’s not what OP asked for. You are talking about PC games here and a > $1000 investment.
However, OP asked specifically for a PC to play 3DS games.

Point is: PCs don’t run 3DS games and emulators such as Citra currently don’t do a good job at it either. Some games aren’t nearly fullspeed. So if OP is looking to buy a PC to play 3DS games this is the wrong approach. And making it sound like you have a working solution for a PC which runs 3DS games is simply false - it will set OP back $1000 with a system which is not able to do what they asked for…

Instead OP should get a 3DS if they want to play 3DS games (which they’ll need legally anyway for Citra).

I could list a handful of games which won’t work in Citra (regardless of speed) and also a handful of games which are too slow even on fast systems.
We can’t predict what hardware will be necessary to handle those as a lot of these issues can be solved by better software. However: that’s a thing for the future.

PS: An i7 is usually a bad choice for Citra (or many other emulators) because those are usually better at multi-core tasks which Citra won’t benefit from. It’s usually better to buy a high-end i3 or i5 at a similar price than getting a lower-end i7.
(That’s an oversimplication though, this post is not a buyers guide. Just a warning.)