I need Help With Animal Crossing new leaf!

How do I update my game From new leaf to welcome amiibo I need Transfer The Save Game

You already made a thread, stick to it: I need Help With Animal Crossing!

If you have already played “New-leaf” and you have game data, you only have to download the “welcome-amiboo”, in the “welcome-amiboo” at the beginning it will indicate the option to transfer town and it will look for if you have the "New-leaf “and when it finds said data it will use it in the” welcome-amiboo "and nothing else.

By the way, both games must be in the same region, if the “New-leaf” is in EUR you must download the “welcome-amiboo” EUR, likewise if the “New-leaf” is USA you must download the “welcome-amiboo” USA, because if they are not from the same region you will not be able to pass the data from the “New-leaf” to the “welcome-amiboo”.