I need someone to test my code

Please, does anyone have a game that uses tilt, & it was affected by the values being capped @ 90 degrees? Eg, in Pokemon, the Inkay -> Malamar evolution didn’t work.
I can’t test my code coz I don’t have such a game.

Please check out my PR & confirm if this works.
The usable build can be downloaded by going into details of Appveyor build.

How to use this (in case of Pokemon):
  1. Open the Configuration file (not tab) & change the value of tilt_clamp to slightly higher than 90, say 95 or 100.
  2. Try evolving Inkay or a similar Pokemon.
  3. If this works, please inform me by replying or dropping a comment on GitHub. If not, do the same & tell me.

Thanks a lot for helping.

Please close this thread.