I recently made a unity game for the 3DS but it crashes when I launch the game

I have 2 versions of the game; one is a .cci and the other is a .cia. When I try to launch the cia it says to decrypt it and when I do it doesn’t decrypt. When I run the .cci it crashes citra. Please help me

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File

Here is the log:
citra_log.txt (4.0 KB)

Please redump your game as either .3ds (for cartridges) or .cxi (for installed titles). Our guides explain how to dump them decrypted as well. Please refer to our game dumping guides:

Dumping Game Cartridges
Dumping Installed Titles

Make sure your GM9 is up to date and that you have enough free storage space available on your SD-Card to perform the dump.

So FBI fails to install the .cia and citra crashes to launch the .cci. Do you think I built the game with the wrong settings in unity?

Don’t use FBI to install .cia files. Use File>Install CIA… Instead.

Yeah but it says it isn’t a valid cia

Does the same thing occur on the 3DS?

When I go to install the cci or cia on the 3ds is says it failed

Then the problem isn’t Citra. The problem is your ROM.

So all I did was press on build in Unity. What could I be doing wrong?

I don’t know. I can’t help you with homebrew development. Again, this has nothing to do with Citra. Ask in a 3DS homebrew related server. They would be more capable of offering you some advice.