I Started the Game, But There is a Crash

The name of the game that I started is Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo).

I started the game, but Yuzu was crashed.

These are the log files that I have recently.


This version that I use is the windows-msvc-20210331-8608d37ba version.

I use Windows 10 (64-bit) (v10.0.19041.804).

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

You need to dump the keys from Nintendo Switch, latest version is 11.0.1.

You mean something like this?

I put some of the files in the directories like these.

prod.keys and title.keys in keys.

The firmware files (version 11.0.1) in nand>system>Contents>registered.

shared_font.bin in sdmc.

I opened Yuzu, ran Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo), the Nintendo-logo-plus-Nintendo-Switch-logo loading image showed up for a millisecond, and Yuzu automatically closed itself.

I have more of these log files.


Try without title.keys in keys folder.

I opened Yuzu without any title.keys file, I ran Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo), and Yuzu closed itself.

Here is another log file.


Here is the title ID of the game that I was running.


I also made a video of this.

I did the same thing as before. I opened Yuzu, I ran Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo), and Yuzu was crashed. No graphic display, no in-game stuff, and nothing else.


I can also see why this game is not tested.

I opened the windows-msvc-20210407-e106f8897 version of yuzu, I ran Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo), and yuzu was crashed.


Here are the log files.


After many more crashes from yuzu, I had some more log files from yuzu in my computer, but they were deleted by the anti-virus program, WiseCare365.

Why? I do not know. I do not know why the anti-virus program like WiseCare365 can delete the log files from yuzu.

Do not blame me. Blame WiseCare365 for deleting the log files from yuzu.

I used the windows-msvc-20210520-913153a45 version of yuzu, I opened Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Kiosk Demo), and yuzu crashes.


Here are the log files.


I use Windows 10 Antivirus with Malwarebytes and I don’t have any problems, disable WiseCare365 when you want to get Yuzu log and post it, after this you can re enable WiseCare365.

Why is WiseCare365 is deleting your log files from yuzu, because he see the log like a virus or something else that he doesn’t like, so disable it when you want to post the log hear.

WiseCare365 can delete my log files in the terms of the file-names. For an example, when WiseCare365 sees the names of the log files like Internal_Log_File.txt, XXX_Log_XXX.txt, Citra_Log.txt, Yuzu_Log.txt, Production.log, Batch.log, Internet.log, or Log_of_Logs.log, anything with the word, log, with be deleted by WiseCare365.

I kept opening Pokken Tournament DX (World) (Demo), but yuzu still crashes.

I kept using the right firmware and the right prod.keys file. What is going on with yuzu?


Here are the log files.

5_20_2021_7_20_PM.txt (5.1 KB)
5_20_2021_7_26_PM.txt (5.1 KB)
5_20_2021_7_26_PM_2.txt (1 Byte)
5_20_2021_7_29_PM.txt (820 Bytes)
5_20_2021_7_30_PM.txt (5.1 KB)
5_20_2021_7_42_PM.txt (820 Bytes)

After changing so many settings in yuzu, any of that never worked. But after doing some research, changing the virtual memory settings is one way to prevent future crashes from yuzu.

I opened yuzu, I opened Pokken Tournament (World) (Kiosk Demo), and there were no crashes.

The compatibility of Pokken Tournament (World) (Kiosk Demo) is great in yuzu (windows-msvc-20210520-913153a45).


Here are the log files.

Glad that you make it to work, I don’t have this game, I keep my pagefile Automatic on 16gb of ram.