I want Citra for IOS

Hello! I own an iPhone that I’m mostly on, and my favorite 3DS game is Tomodachi Life, and I’d like to play it on my phone! Sadly, Miitomo shut down a couple years ago, and on the 2 3DSes we have at home, there’s already TomoLife saves but I don’t want to delete them. I own an Apple Phone and it’s not fair Android users get to have Citra, and I’ve never had an Android. Please make a Citra IOS!

Whilst I can understand that frustration, this has nothing to do with fairness. Apple makes things incredibly difficult to port Citra to iOS. It would take literally more than a year of dedicated development on the Citra port, probably fulltime as well, in order to get something working on iOS. Not only do we not have a dev that is willing to torture themselves working on an iOS app, we’d also need to recode a large part of Citra just to get things to display properly, since iOS doesn’t support OpenGL.

Sadly, you’ll sooner see Vulkan support be implemented in Citra (another huge task) than you will see an iOS port. So you’ll be waiting for at least years. That’s even if someone comes along that actually wants to sacrifice their sanity to make an iOS port happen.

Ok, but if it takes until 2023, then ok! And what’s Vulkan support?

Like I said, it would take longer than that even if we had someone that was willing to work on the port, which we do not have.

Support for a new Graphics API. This is basically how Citra renders frames. We currently only use OpenGL for this. Incidentally, iOS support would also require us to implement an entirely new graphics API, since it doesn’t support OpenGL.

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