I want to get dusk lycanroc Citra mmj

I am using citra MMJ android I want to get dusk lycanroc can somebody help me

We only support Nightly or Canary builds.

So where should I ask about Citra mmj

Ask whoever made the mmj build or just get the official Citra for Android from the Google Play Store.

Please tell me if you know how to get dusk lycanroc

You need a Rockruff with Own Tempo (which was only distributed as an event Pokemon) and level it up between 5pm and 5:59pm.

Yeah but you can use cheats
Can you tell me is there any way available?

I have no idea if there’s a cheat code. I would use PKHeX and edit it into the save file.

Bro can you do that for me make a savfile because I don’t have pc