I want to load KH 3D but citra crashes

Well, i am a first-timer in citra. when i want to load the game, it just crashed and said that “citra-qt.exe has stopped working”
could i get some solution for this? or some explanation?

System Information

Well, it’s blank, empty… so i couldn’t paste it here

This happens with the latest Nightly?

Well, yea
I’ve tried to load it Nightly and Canary but, well they didn’t budge at all

Looking at the screenshots, you have really outdated drivers for your GPU. Please get the latest ones from here.

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i installed it

and it works too… but the problem is that, after i installed it… there’s no sound coming out from my computer

then i googled it, they said that i must change change the default device to realtek

when i saw the settings, it’s realtek

hey there, i just fixed it… well, i’m pretty confused back there, so i just disabling and then enabling the realtek device…

thanks a lot