I want to play Super Smash Bros with 2 players with a controller and a keyboard

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Is there a way to use a ps4 controller and a keyboard at the same time? I want to play Super Smash Bros multiplayer on one pc.

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Yeah should be possible, download a standalone build: https://citra-emu.org/download/ (manual download). Extract it and create a new folder called user so that Citra has its own save & settings so it won’t interfere with your main Citra.

Afaik the keyboard only works when it’s the active window so make sure you do that(click on the Citra that uses the keyboard). You can use a controller even when Citra is out of focus no problem.

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Do I extract it into the user folder?

Nah extract first to a folder somewhere unrelated to main Citra. Then open it and create user folder where you see its citra-qt.exe at. If you want to copy saves & settings from main Citra go to %appdata%\Citra and copy all folders into the newly created user folder.
You will then need to regenerate the console ID in the system tab so you can connect both Citra together, then rebind one of them for the keyboard user and that is pretty much it.

Should they have the same console ID or different ones? Also how do I connect both Citra together? Sorry for the hassle.

Different, when you try to connect to yourself and they are the same you will get an error :stuck_out_tongue:
Simply go Multiplayer->Create Room on one Citra and pick “unlisted” then on the other Citra go Multiplayer->Direct Connect to Room and insert as the IP and connect.