I want to play with my roomate omega ruby , what are the things i should do?

I know about the multiplayer tab however

if i create a room he can’t see it and opposite is the same , we can’t join the same public room

and also what is the port needed for playing publicly in citra ?

The default port is recommended.

Make sure you both regenerate your console IDs in Emulation - Configure - System

Sorry that i do not understand very well about ports , but can you explain to me more about ports ?

Should we be using the same port or what ?

thank you.

You don’t need to be on the same network if you want to play multiplayer, but the person who is making the server needs to port forward their router to the default Citra’s port.

can you just join a multiplayer server that has no one in it? there’s some servers with no one in it. just make life easier, bro.