I was perma(?) banned from Discord for no real reason (among others)

While waiting bored for the Android release in Discord, people were joking about the fake Citro emulator and I posted the phrase #citrosquad. Some other guy apparently thought it was funny, so he started adding #citrosquad to the end of his posts.

Then some other people joined in until it became an in-joke, and moved to the Casual channel. Then I think flTobi came in, immediately said this was some sort of nefarious raid with the aim of tricking people into installing fake emulators, and banned everyone who posted the hashtag.
I wasn’t banned because I had only posted the hashtag only twice, but when I explained to him that it was only a meme but that “#citrosquad will rise again”, I was banned too.

Obviously this was a joke, #citrosquad could not “rise again” because everyone was banned, and channel then lay deserted and silent. And it goes without saying that no sane Citra user would install a fake emulator (which, hilariously, blurs Mario’s face for whatever reason in its’ preview images).

Context matters, and I don’t think you can just immediately start permabanning people without looking at a situation closely.


P.S. - I would rather have PMed the mod on here, but that option wasn’t available initially. My ID is “The and The Fast Furious#4351”