I was wondering if this was possible?

hello i am forced to play games moblely on my chrome book and i was wondering if anyone either on the citra team or user could make a verson of citra or could give me a 3ds emulator that works on chrome books (i only have access to the goodgle webstore no i cant use google play)

There is no 3DS emulator who supports ChromeOS and also there is currently no support for ARM CPUs.
And even if you have a x86 Intel model I doubt your experience would be good with low cpu clocks and low-end Intel iGPUs.

In theory support could be developed but that’s unlikely to happen in a foreseeable future.
Unfortunately the only valid option for you is to get access to a proper computer which supports Citra.
64-bit Windows, Linux or Mac OS, x86 CPU, OGL 3.3 capable GPU and for really good performance a recent Intel/AMD CPU with over >2,5 Ghz and for less GPU driver headaches a Nvidia GPU.