I would like to report the malicious cheat user “Fallen”

I would like to report the malicious cheat user “Fallen”. The article is a bit long, but the content is interesting, so please read it.

At approximately 11:45 am on September 28, 2023 (Korean time), I battled with a user named Fallen on Pokemon Usum. Even during the first battle, Fallen’s Goodra performed cheats that affected the battle, such as using Ice Z and Fire Z on her own. However, I won that battle, and even if I lost, there was definitely a situation where I could have won, so I didn’t have any problems with it. After the first battle, Fallen said, ‘Let’s have a rematch,’ and ‘I’ll change the Pokemon,’ and they had a rematch a while later. I sent out Landorus and the Fallen sent out Toxapex. Three turns passed as we traded skills, and on turn four I tried to use Earthquake to finish off Toxapex. However, I used boiling water to kill my Landorus even though the Toxapex’s hp was clearly at 0. (I used a translator so the skill names may not be accurate.) This is where I found out he was using cheats. He willingly replaced the dead Pokémon, he sent out Salazzle and I sent out Metagross. I did a Mega Evolution and made Salazzle’s HP red with Zen Headbutt. I got poisoned and used Bullet Punch the next turn. Again, his Pokemon used the move even though its HP was down to 0. I was able to take a picture of this scene. If you look at the picture you can see that his Salazzle is still on the field even though the hp bar itself is gone. (메타그로스 in the bottom left means Metagross.) Even if you attack more in this state, the opposing Pokemon will not fall. I stopped the battle here and asked the Fallen what he was doing in chat. But suddenly Fallen starts saying things like, “I gave my save file to my brother and he used cheats.” I checked his game information at Festival Plaza and was convinced that what he said was false. When lying didn’t work for me, he started telling others that he was innocent. At first he pretended he didn’t use the cheat. However, I said, “I took the photo using cheats,” and “These circumstances show that you, not your brother, used cheats.” Even people who initially defended him or remained neutral gradually began to agree with my words. Common sense tells us that people who share a save file think and act the same way, so unless all elements match perfectly, there will be a clear difference. However, without giving any reason, he just said, “The brother who received his save file did that,” and I don’t feel the value of further conversation, so I’m going to make it public. I don’t really care if my opponent makes a Pokémon shiny, or if a Pokémon uses two types of Z moves, or if that Pokémon learns a move that it can’t learn. Because if I do a little better and focus, there is always a chance of winning. But I really can’t stand cheats that eliminate even that possibility. It is an action that undermines the fairness of the game and shows no respect for the opponent. I don’t want other people to experience the same damage I did.

First of all, unofficial builds aren’t supported here. Official Citra Android does not have multiplayer support.

Second, even if a user cheated, we can’t really do anything about it. Just don’t battle with them in the future.