I5 6402P unreasonable low performance in MHXX

My specs are I5 6402P, RX480, 8G
When I play MHXX, I have around 20+ FPS without encountering a boss, which is okay.
But when there is a boss the FPS drops to 10+
I have a friend who uses I5 6400 which to me is equivalent to my CPU, but does not have this problem.
Is there any way to solve it?
Thank you!

Have you turned off the 3D feature in the game yet? It’s in the game options at the title screen.

If you don’t have the patch it’s called 立体視機能 which should be at the bottom of the list in the options.

YEAH, i do have turned it off

Are you two running on the latest Nightly or Canary? Canary should be a bit faster. Ask him what he uses.

I’m in the 20-30 range with i7-3770K and GTX 680 on Canary.

Playing in native should help against the fps drops during roars and other effects. Setting ‘Lens flare’(‘Effects settings’ in MHGen) to ‘reduced’ could help as well.

We that time used the previous version of Canary. Now I use the latest one, but still, have the problem when there is a boss. Will you drop FPS especially watching at a boss? Even not that obvious?