Idea: Dual Monitor Support Option For Motion/Touch Interface

For the “Motion/Touch” screen options in the control settings, there is only two options: Emulator Window, Or CemuhookUDP. An idea that might be a good third option is Dual windows; the main display on the Emulation window and the Motion/Touch display on the second window that can be dragged over to the other monitor. So for those who have a touch screen monitor like the Wacom Intuos Cintiq or a 2in one laptop being used as a lower monitor. They can use that as the stylus screen instead of a server hook up, it would be more snappy and easier to work with than a seperate device all together. Even those people who only have a regular monitor to the side of there primary monitor, it would make the games more immersive.

I know not a lot of people is gonna see this idea or agree because most people do not have two monitors hooked to one computer, but I hope that the option can be implemented for those who do.