Ideal cpu for pokemon moon citra

Can anyone here. Know the least processor to play pokemon moon with 50-60 fps? He he. I will greatly appreciate it.he he. Thank you.

Read the FAQ: buy the fastest CPU you can afford. AMD’s Ryzen just got announced so you may want to wait for them to hit the stores (even the 1600 should be fast enough) as their price/performance ratio is a lot better than Intels (which are overpriced and kinda outdated technology wise).

don’t buy a cpu for based on citra’s need more often than not you will regret doing so, buy something with a good power for your needs and citra will get optimized eventually and it will work fine with what you picked (assuming you picked something good and not a pentium 4, is that still even available these days?)

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Do not buy a CPU just for Citra. Instead buy a capture card for your 3DS or something.

If you really want to buy new hardware do not buy the fastest or most expensive CPU. Buy the CPU with the best single-core performance.
From what I heard Ryzen 5 / 7 in particular will probably not be too good for emulation (as AMD seems to target the multi-core applications).

However, I totally agree with @RavenHome: Just wait until Citra is more optimized and play on your 3DS until then.
By the time Citra is actually performing better your new CPU would be outdated again anyway.

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