If the multiplayer gets fixed

How do I connect to internet so I can trade?

Multiplayer -> Browse Public Game Lobbies. Enter your username in the top and double click on the server you want to join.

Launch the game and do the same steps for trading you would do on your 3DS.

The latest canary didn’t gave me any multiplayer tab

Yes, because the Qt integration conflicted. There will be a new Canary update very soon to resolve that.

I ran a few test on older version…
Does that old version won’t make you connect to the internet? The game took quite so long to load to the internet

If you’re referring to internet connection functions inside a game, it still won’t do that. We don’t support wifi connections to nintendo’s servers online, only local multiplayer wireless. Games that ‘connect online’ still won’t connect.

So I need to create a room in order to make a trade?

And I know I will ask this one out of topic but
How do you island scan with citra?
EDIT: If this isn’t possible on official builds as of I heard, then I still thank you for creating this emulator.

There are already pre-made rooms you can join.

And no, you can’t do QR scans on Citra right now.

Wasn’t there an attempt to implement that a few months earlier?

I’m sending a screenshot of an unofficial build Camera UI, just in case someone ever wants to get some ideas about the look of the UI.