I'm test some games list update everyweek [Update 13.03.2017]

Hello i’m sixpower1 and i dont know were write this topic but i test some games and give you my results ^^

My english is not very good well please understand me :slight_smile:

Well i’m played this games yet.

Games is tested: Nightly Build - f2ae2a7 | Region: Europe

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Europe) - [Test 26.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K] [My result & rating] [Much fps/everything is ok & Playable (My Opinion)]
Fire Emblem: Awakening (Europe) - [Test 26.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Slow in battle 20-30fps & Ingame]

Games is tested: Nightly Build - ad4097e | Region: Japan/Europe/USA

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission (Japan) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [20-30fps in battle/menu 30fps & Ingame (Yet)]
Minarai Majo to Mokomoko Friends (Japan) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K] [Much fps/everything is ok & Playable]
Project X Zone (Europe) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [In city 30fps+/in battle (stay) 30fps (attack) 17fps & Ingame]
Naruto Powerful Shippuden (USA) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K] [Much fps/everything is ok & Playable]
Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX (USA) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K] [Much fps/everything is ok & Playable]
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (USA) - [Test 28.02.2017] [Resolution: 4K] [Low fps 20-30/choice first pokemon 10fps & Ingame]
Dragon Ball Fusions (USA) - [Test 01.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Talk 30-60fps/Battle, Walk, Cutscenes 10-20fps & Ingame]
Shantae and the Pirates Curse (USA) - [Test 01.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Much lags everywere 10-15fps & Ingame]

Games is tested: Nightly Build - eb43581 | Region: Europe/USA

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask (Europe) - [Test 10.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Lags 10-15fps & Ingame]
Dragon Ball Z - Extreme Butoden (Europe) - [Test 10.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Intro 15fps/Menu & Battle 60fps & Playable]
One Piece - Unlimited World Red (Europe) - [Test 11.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [So much lags 5-10fps & Ingame]
Kid Icarus - Uprising (Europe) - [Test 12.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Black Screen & Nothing]
Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth (Europe) - [Test 12.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Intro 20fps+/Menu 20fps+/Game 20fps+ & Ingame]
The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (Europe) - [Test 12.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [30-60fps everywere & Ingame]
Zero Escape - Virtue’s Last Reward (Europe) - [Test 12.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K & 1080p] [Intro 5-10fps/Load map 5-10fps/Game 45fps+ & Ingame]
Pokemon Sun (USA) - [Test 13.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K/1080p/720p/Native 240p] [Intro & Game so much lags 13-20fps & Ingame]
Final Fantasy Explorers (USA) - [Test 13.03.2017] [Resolution: 4K/1080p/720p/Native 240p] [Intro 18fps/Menu 30fps/Game 10-20fps & Ingame]

My PC details:
CPU: AMD FX-8300 Eight Core Black Edition 3.30ghz
GPU: Nvidia Gforce GTX960 4GB
Memory: 8GB
System: Win 10 Enterprise x64

Why don’t you create a compatibility list ? The ones I’ve seen are not updated or just don’t exist anymore.
If this post is the standard of quality of your posts, don’t do it. I’ll detail why:

  1. You didn’t specify the game region
  2. What is the build used in the test ?
  3. What are the rules for rating (if you don’t even know yourself, you’ll just throw some random number ?) ?
  4. The rest of the info is stated as “your opinion”. The thing is: this is not a debate, opinions are irrelevant, you need to post the system specs from the PC used in the test, what OS + version, what is the average fps (the exact number), if your’re using default Citra configuration or changed something (CPU JIT, Scaled Resolution, etc), what system files are needed to reach in-game (if any at all).
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Yeah i forgot this but i like test emulators and share my results for players i see citra have compatibility list but i dont have add to this list new games or results well i create this post :slight_smile:

Game is tested: Nightly Build - f2ae2a7 Region: Europe
My PC details:
CPU: AMD FX-8300 Eight Core Black Edition 3.30ghz
GPU: Nvidia Gforce GTX960 4GB
Memory: 8gb
System: Win 10 Enterprise x64

Awesome this might really help (especially like me, theirs an official test on citra but most of the reports has a lot of 000000000000’s giving me nosebleed),but i cant help your spec is quite up to date, if you want, can i post mine here to?, my spec is (barely made the requirements) which i think might help, in a way people well have clear comparison and view on the performance low spec vs high spec kind of thing, ?

Have in mind that the FPS is actualy 2x. Citra renders the left and right views for each eye on 3D but we only use one eye view each “frame”. So 30FPS is actualy max real speed in most games. Currently we don’t have support for 3D view but that could come up in the future.

@FernandoS27 This is not true. I’m slightly worried we’ll soon see reports about how 18 FPS in Citra are actually 36 FPS (or vice versa) “because someone said this happens!11”.

We have experimental branches for 3D where games check if 3D is active before rendering in 3D. I’ve also now tested this again because I wasn’t 100% sure myself how Citra (master) configures the 3D settings. I still don’t know what the game sees (e.g. 3D mode on / off and distance slider), but I simply checked what’s actually being rendered right now.
My findings: Zelda: OoT does only render once, Kid Icarus renders twice (presumably different eyes) per frame.

However, there are also optimizations (which games might use) to improve 3D rendering speed (by submitting vertex data twice and transforming it differently in the shader for example ~ instanced rendering in software) and for low 3D distance values games can also render only once and then do some sort of mapping to save on GPU processing.
Also in 3D mode games can use lower resolution textures + meshes or avoid some graphical effects.

  • it’s all software controlled and doesn’t have any impact on emulation speed, we can’t optimize it away either.

It’s also possible that games will always render in 3D mode or always in 2D mode regardless of the slider.
Similarily the framerate for 3D games might also still be 60 FPS if the developers are lazy or need framebuffers for certain effects. They could probably also still do 60 FPS and downsample to 30 FPS.

  • It’s also all software and it’s unclear wether it has an impact on perf or shown values (I think?) + again, we can’t optimize it.

So, while 3D might actually cause the hardware display to run at “half speed” (30 FPS) effectively, it shouldn’t have any impact on emulation and it may or may not have an effect on how the games render in software. I don’t see how “the FPS is actually 2x” can be interpreted in any way to make sense.

And now: back to topic please


Oh thanks for explaining better. Sorry if my comments were kinda misleading but yeah that’s pretty much what I kinda wanted to say xD.

Good information. So Kid Icarus is still not working ?

I’m test today don’t worry :slight_smile:

Still not working probably. There is a branch by mailwl which I used for testing. - Also this is offtopic.
If you want to know about Kid Icarus, create a topic about it or test yourself.

@azoreseuropa Please don’t double post in the forum. Also, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “private emulator”. Bare in mind that the rules are against unofficial builds and that Citra is the best 3DS emulator so far.

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No, I am not talking about unofficial builds because it is for PC and I am a Mac user and I don’t care about it.

What do you mean double post ? I didn’t double post here. Point at it, will you ? If I do then my apologise but I don’t see any double posts here.

I mean private emulator… Some developers have private build that where playable with some games which wasn’t released. I just thought you guys might too have a private build that are playable with several games which isn’t release just yet. Guess not.

a private build usually means that they wrote a little hacky code that they don’t feel is good enough to submit to citra. but they just wanted to test some theories out. developers sometimes keep changes private after the problems we’ve had in the past like with Subv’s CRO support, which was very hacky but because it allowed pokemon to be partially playable, everyone started merging his code into unofficial builds. Well, fast forward several months and people start saying things like “Official citra is bad and the developers are dumb, this youtuber got pokemon to work and the citra devs still cant get it booting” and that got pretty annoying. Other contributors like merry also had that happen with sound support. Because of how frustratingly impatient the users can be, many developers prefer to not develop things in the open anymore (like when merry wrote the JIT which made most games run full speed. it was in development for many months before the first PR!) and anyone interested in helping out, they will tell them how to contribute. For instance, JayFoxRox has already updated the GS code, but because he’s not ready to submit it for review, he hasn’t made the updated version public yet.

i’m just rambling at this point, but i hope that clears up what a private build really is.